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Curiosity Megastorm Sunday, Nov 18 at 9 8c on Discovery from Daniel Garcia Robles on Vimeo.

This fast turnaround documentary I edited for Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Series follows the events that turned Hurricane Sandy into one of the most treacherous storms to hit the US.

Ferocious hurricane Sandy was one of the most treacherous weather events to have hit the United States (2012), claiming many lives, affecting millions by floods, fires, blackouts and mass evacuations, and wrecking homes and buildings. Just how did Sandy become so powerful?

The doc goes on the ground with those who experienced the event first hand and uncovers how distinct phenomena combined to create the perfect storm and how to prepare for the next one. Curiosity brings in-depth access into the storm as experts reveal what made it so powerful and just how it caused extensive damage. Using on-the-ground expert analysis, computer-generated imaging (CGI) animation and satellite imaging, this film explores how four distinct phenomena combined to create a storm of such magnitude. Also, witness the incredible, harrowing stories of those who experienced this traumatic event first hand, with footage captured by with their own cameras and smartphones, and recount what it was like as Sandy engulfed their city.

Where to watch: Discovery



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