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With series 2 around the corner Channel 4 is now airing series 1 of this History series for which I edited 3 episodes. You can currently watch the whole series here in 4OD. Nazi Mega Structures (Nazi Mega Weapons in the USA) uncovers the engineering secrets of revolutionary weapons and warfare structures engineered by Nazi Germany, telling the stories of the evil geniuses that designed them and revealing how these advances sparked a technological revolution that changed the world forever. From the first flying rockets that helped launch the Space era at NASA to supersonic jets fighters.

Where to watch: Nat Geo, More4

Episode 1: Atlantic Wall

To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion, Hitler demanded the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometres from France in the south to Norway in the north. This is the story of how this vast engineering project sucked in huge quantities of raw materials and men from all over the Third Reich … and faced its ultimate test on D-Day.

Detailed reconstruction drama tells the story through the eyes of 16 year old German soldier Franz Gockel posted at the frontline of Omaha Beach where D-day will take place…

There is a pretty slick UK promo you can watch here.



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