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Good editing is at the core of engaging, timeless storytelling with universal audience appeal. 


Understanding our need for stories that resonate with our most human traits is what elevates a story above the rest.


As Quentin Tarantino famously said "The last draft of the script is the first cut of the movie. And the last edit of the movie is the final draft of the script"

Like any director who understands the critical value of the editing process, this is where a script begins its journey to perfect symbiosis with images.  

It is, therefore, crucial to give the same level of care to words and visuals at every stage of the process.

There are infinite ways to edit your project and many tools to achieve it, but only one is right for you.

Daniel's years of mastery editing with Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, and Black Magic Davinci Revolve will help you achieve it. 


Online and Grading

Your rushes, archive, stock, and graphic elements come from a myriad of sources and formats but this mustn't get in the way of focusing on the story.

This is when your visuals are optimised to look their best and combined in harmony for a seamless experience. 

Offline media is replaced with the original rushes and different frame rate media is conformed to match your intended delivery output.

Daniel's grading system is equipped with Davinci Resolve Studio, the industry standard for quality, together with a state-of-the-art 4K HDR EIZO calibrated monitor and a client wall-mounted 65" QLED 4K HDR preview screen, which allows for both theatrical and broadcast workflows.

Once your grade is approved to taste, the final online touches (titles, subtitles, credits, etc.) are added. All that is left now is adding your audio dub to the visuals to produce your final delivery package to your desired network with full broadcast standard compliance. 


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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are now essential in any production.

In long-form, they appear in title sequences and cards as well as bumpers and animated lower thirds.

Corporate films rely on these more than ever, sometimes made out exclusively of motion graphics, adding dynamism and style.  

Daniel has years of experience producing motion graphic sequences for tv series, openers, promos, corporate films, and agency films. 

Working with After Effects, Cinema4D, Photoshop, Illustrator and the full package of RedGiant plugins, there is simply, nothing you can't achieve. 

Motion Graphics
Online and Offline Studios for hire

Online and Offline Studios for hire

Our online grading suite can be dry-hired for your projects for as long as you need.

Just contact us in advance with your dates and we'll book it for you.

A second suite equipped with two offline edits can also be hired  independently or alongside as support for the production and post-production of your projects.

Contact us on 0759 0759 936 for a quote.


Online Studio

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Offline Studio

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